Mother’s Day in the UK


Today is Mother’s Day in the UK !!!!

Here in the UK, following the traditions, people celebrate Mothers and Fathers day. Mothers day falls on a Sunday, usually in March. They have this day to put aside time for their mothers, to celebrate and thank them for all that they do for their children. They often celebrate  grandmothers too on this day. Mothers day is different for everyone and usually follows each families own tradition.


Most people will buy a gift for their mother, as a token of gratitude. This gift can be very small and inexpensive, or very big, depending on your budget and your personal traditions. Flowers and chocolates are the most usual choice, along with a card. Other popular gifts are small household items like a vase or mug, a key ring or even a photo frame, in which you could put a picture of you and your mother.

 Give mothers a rest this day, and use the opportunity to do things for her, so that she can relax and rest. This could be anything from chores around the house, like washing or cleaning to bringing her some tea or breakfast in bed. If the child is too young, often the father will do this for the mother as gratitude on their part.

Food, as with every holiday in the UK, is important. This starts from the morning, often taking the mother a luxurious breakfast to them in bed. As the holiday always takes place on a Sunday, there is traditionally a roast dinner, either cooked by the children for the mother, or the family will go out for a meal together and treat the mother.

Of course, not every family follows these rules. The important thing is that the mother is made to feel special and loved, it is a chance to say thank you.


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