Лексико-грамматический тест по теме «Еда»

Лексико-грамматический тест по теме «Еда». Ребята, здесь вы можете найти  задания по пройденной теме:

  1. I.               Write the sentences in Past Simple.
  1. We clean our teeth at 8 every day. —  Yesterday we __________ our teeth at 8 too.
  2. I play with my toys every morning. —  Yesterday I ___________________ with my toys too.
  3. She always skips with her friends. – Yesterday she _____________ with her friends too.
  4. We eat porridge every day. – Yesterday we ___________ porridge too.
  5. I usually have breakfast at 8 o’clock. – Yesterday I _____________ breakfast at 7 o’clock.

I.Put a question to each sentence.

  1. Mother gave us milk for breakfast yesterday.

Did __________________________________________________________________________

  1. He washed his hands yesterday.

Did __________________________________________________________________________

  1. Helen played chess with you yesterday.

Did __________________________________________________________________________

  1. My friend’s aunt lived in London.

Did __________________________________________________________________________

  1. We saw our teacher in  the zoo yesterday.

Did __________________________________________________________________________

  1. I.               Choose the right word.
    1. He washed his hands and face but he didn’t _____________ a shower.

a)     take                               b) takes                                        c) taking

  1. We often _____________in winter.

a)     skate                               b) skated                                      c) are skating

  1. Mr. Brown ___________ chess with his friend yesterday.

a)     is playing                              b) play                                      c) played

  1. Did you  ________ your teeth yesterday?

a)     cleaned                              b) clean                                       c) cleans

  1. Yesterday evening my uncle ____________ watch TV.

a)     doesn’t                              b) don’t                                        c) did not

  1. II.             Choose the right word.
    1. They played chess ___________________.

a)     now                              b) today                                       c) yesterday

  1. My mother and my father ___________ TV every day.

a)     watch                            b) wash                                       c) see

  1. Puppies and their mother live in the _________________________.

a)     sports ground                            b) bag                                      c) doghouse

  1. An apple a day keeps ___________________ away.

a) a teacher                            b) a dentist                                       c) a doctor

  1.    Boys and girls like to eat _______________ .

a)     cats and dogs                  b) sweets and apples                      c) frogs and dolphins


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