Тест по чтению 2

  1. I.   Read the text “Don’t Give Sweets to Bonny”.

Ann and Ben liked to watch Bonny, the monkey in the Zoo. She was very funny and the children gave her many sweets. One day Bonny was ill.  Ann and Ben went to see the doctor… “Can you help Bonny?” “Open your mouth,” said the doctor to Bonny. “Oh, I see. You mustn’t eat sweets. They are not good for your teeth.”   “We didn’t know that,” said Ann. “Every day children give sweets to Bonny. What can we do?” said Ben. “Make a sign ‘Don’t give sweets to Bonny!’” said the doctor.

Ann and Ben made a sign and put it on Bonny’s cage. Now children can see the sign               and they don’t give sweets to her. But Bony isn’t happy. She runs and asks for sweets. She is little.

Write «T»  if the sentence is true, write «F» if the sentence is false.

  1. Ann and Ben didn’t like monkeys. ______
  2. Bonny was a little monkey. ______
  3. One day Bonny was not well. _______
  4. Ann and Ben went to see the doctor. _______
  5. Bonny doesn’t want to eat sweets. ________

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Bonny lived  ______.

a)    in the Zoo                           b) in the forest                                    c) in the house

  1. Children gave Bonny _____ .

b)    carrots                                b) apples                                            c) sweets

  1. The doctor said to Bonny ______.

a)     Don’t eat sweets.            b) You must eat sweets.        c) Sweets are  good for your teeth.

  1. Ann and Ben made a ______ for Bonny.

a)    a table                               b) a new cage                                       c) a sign

  1. Bonny isn’t happy because she has no_________.

a)    friends                              b) sweets                                              c) toys

         Group the words.

Tea,  fish, orange,  soup,  juice,  aunt,  milk,  mother,  father,  hockey,   basketball , skate, ski, vegetable, daughter, water, coffee, swim, spaghetti





  1. Complete sentences with the words. 

very hungry,    ’d love to,      some sweets,     what’s for dinner,  don’t like,      I am sorry

—       Good evening, dear! (1) _____________________________ today?

—       Well, we have fish soup.

—       But I (2) _____________________ fish, you know.

—       Oh, sorry. We also have fish and potatoes. They are very tasty.

—       I don’t like fish.

—       Well, (3) ______________________________ .  Then you can have a glass of orange juice. And then you can eat (4) __________________________.

—       Thank you very much, my dear. But I am (5) ________________________.

—   Would you like meat and spaghetti, salad and pudding?

—  (6)  ______________________________.

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