Лексико-грамматический тест № 2 по теме «Еда»


I.               Complete the sentences.

  1.   Yesterday morning my father __________ a cake. (doesn’t eat / didn’t eat)
  2. _________  you usually eat porridge in the morning? ( Do / Did).
  3. She _____________ soup without meat last Sunday. (make / made)
  4. When  ___________ your parents come home yesterday.( do / did)
  5. I  _____________ a box of sweets yesterday.( buy / bought)

II.                Put special questions to find out the missing information.

                        Example:  I lived in … —  Where did you live?

1.     You went to bed at ….

What time did you _____________________________________________________________?

2.     Yesterday I went…

Where  _______________________________________________________________________?

3.     She had … for breakfast yesterday.

What  ________________________________________________________________________?

4.     They had dinner at … yesterday.

What time _____________________________________________________________________?

5.     Nancy watched TV in …

When _________________________________________________________________________?

III.           Choose the right word.

1.     My friend ate too _____________ bananas.

a)     a lot of                               b) many                                        c) much

2.     Do Russian people drink _____________ tea?

a)     much                                   b) many                                       c) lot

3.     How  ___________ sweets do you eat a day?

a)     much                                   b) lots                                          c) many

4.     I have got ________ toys.

a)     lot                                        b) a lot                                         c) a lot of

5.     How  ____________ salad does he eat at dinner?

a)     much                                   b) many                                        c) a lot of

IV.           Choose the right word.

1.     Tomatoes are ___________________.

a)     animals                                b) fruit                                         c) leaves

2.     Do bananas ___________ in Russia?

a)     buy                                      b) eat                                            c) grow

3.     Do you want a glass of  ___________________?

a)     soup                                     b) fruit                                         c) juice

4.     You can’t make fruit salad without ___________________ .

a) fruit                                       b) meat                                        c) salad

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