Final Test

Final Test.    Name _________________________________   Form 4_____


1 часть. Аудирование.

Прослушай пять мини-диалогов и подчеркни нужный ответ напротив каждого вопроса.

Пример: Whohasgotfair hair? Nancy/ her mother
What does George like to eat? oranges/ bananas
What did Helen do yesterday? went to the theatre/went to the cinema
What is the name of Sue’s nephew? Ricky/ Den
Where is Chris from? London/ New York
What time does Tom get up? 7 o’clock/ 8 o’clock


2 часть. Чтение.

Прочитай текст и выполни задания   6-11.

Conrad was a cat. One day his family took Conrad in the car and went to visit their friends. When Conrad got to the friends’ house he said, “This is not my house. I don’t like it. I want to go home.” And he ran away.

In an hour Conrad saw a house and a lady in front of it. But it wasn’t his house. He said to the lady in the cat language, “Could you tell me the way to my house?” The lady didn’t know the cat language and she didn’t know the way to Conrad’s house. She said, “Some milk? Here is some milk.” Conrad drank some milk because he was hungry. “Well, thank you. Good bye,” Conrad said and ran away.

He walked on the field. He caught a mouse and ate it. He drank some water from a river. Conrad became very tired, but he ran on the road.

And one day Conrad saw his house. Conrad’s family went to the yard and cried, “Conrad is here! He couldn’t ask the way but he is here! Conrad you are a clever cat! We love you!”

Задание 6. When Conrad got to the friends’ house, …

1)   he wanted to come back home.

2)   he wanted to have some milk.

3)   he liked the friends’ house.

Задание 7. The lady was glad to see Conrad and …

1)   she answered Conrad’s question.

2)   she showed him the way to his house.

3)   she gave Conrad some milk.

Задание 8. Conrad thanked the lady and ran away because …

1)   he wanted to visit his friends.

2)   he wanted to find his house.

3)   he wanted to catch a mouse.

Задание 9. Soon Conrad was very tired but …

1)   he went along the road.

2)   he swam in the river.

3)   he played with a mouse.

Задание 10. When the family saw Conrad in the yard, …

1)   they were sad.

2)   they were happy.

3)   they were angry.

Задание 11. Conrad was a clever cat because …

1)   he ran away from friends’ house.

2)   he knew the cat language.

3)   he found his house and his family.

Задание 12.

Прочитай текст. Постарайся понять, какие слова в нем пропущены. Впиши в каждый пропуск пропущенное слово, выбрав его из рамочки. Одно слово уже вставлено.

had,     people,     stories,     much,     president,     often


Children and grown ups like toy bears. Many people have toy bears at home. There are a lot of funny ___________ about little bears.

We ___________ call toy bears “Teddy”. This is because of American __________ Theodore Roosevelt. People liked the president very __________ and called him Teddy. Theodore Roosevelt __________ a toy bear. People called their own bears Teddy, too.

Задание 13. Подберитранскрипциюкслову. Прочитай слова (1-10) и подбери к ним транскрипцию (a-k). Впиши нужную букву в пропуск рядом с каждым словом.

Пример :   0.   Why ____g____

When       _____ a) [milk]
Good       _____ b) [bæd]
Bad         _____ c) [bed]
Milk         _____ d) [keik]
Thought   _____ e) [krisməs]
Nose       _____ f) [s :]
Cake       _____ g) [wai]
Christmas _____ h) [gud]
Saw             _____ i) [wen]
Bed             _____ j) [nəuz]
k) [θ :t]

3 часть. Грамматика.

Выполни задания 14-19. Выбери правильное слово и обведи номер ответа.

Задание 14. Where ____ they from? – From Britain.

1)   am                             2) is                           3)   are

Задание 15. Where does she usually _____? — In the park.

1)   skates                        2) skate                     3) skated

Задание 16. Tom _____ a nice snowman in the yard yesterday.

1) makes                           2) made                     3)   will make

Задание 17. Tomorrow the children ______ to school.

1)   go                          2) went                                 3) will go

Задание 18. The ocean is ________ than the sea.

1)   large                       2) larger                                 3) the largest

Задание 19. My grandfather usually watches TV ____ the evening.

1)   in                              2) at                                      3) on

Задание 20. Прочитай письмо от друга по переписке и напиши ответ, дополнив письмо.


Great BritainApril,21

Dear friend,

My name is Andrew. I am from Great Britain. I live in London. I am ten.

My  birthday is on the 6th of October. When is your birthday?

I like to swim and play computer games. What do you like to do?

I hope to get a letter from you soon!










Thank you for your letter.

My name is ______________________________.

I am from _______________________________.

My   birthday is __________________________ .

I like to _________________________________.

Best wishes,





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